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Why it’s good to have Bernie Sanders Run

Bernie Sanders says he’ll announce his bid for president by the end of April. This is a good thing, and I’ll tell you why.

If no one opposes Hillary, then she will only have to appeal to the moderate or undecided voter. This is exactly the foolishness she will pursue in this case.

The Democratic party is under the delusion that they would win if they could just move far enough to the middle to attract the moderates.


The reason the Democrats aren’t winning is because they’ve ceased to be Democrats and are now more conservative than the most rabid Republican of just a generation ago.

If Bernie Sanders runs, Hillary will have to compete for the base of the Democratic party which means she’ll campaign more to the left, more to the principles of the party. This will also open up the arena for more discussion of Democratic principles rather than just moderate issues.

Who knows? Maybe Bernie might even win. Anything to the left of the rabid Republicans is good for America. Let’s talk about and vote on real American issues, like increasing Social Security benefits, getting money out of politics, making college affordable, health care for all, you know, all the things the Democrats and all of America want.

Without Bernie, Hillary will be talking about only cutting Social Security a little, making college affordable for one or two maybe in a decade or two, about how we’ll only reduce health care coverage by a little.

Run, Bernie, Run. He has my vote!

The Banks Are Out to Destroy Your Credit Union

The Banks Are Out to Destroy Your Credit Union

It’s not that the banks haven’t been crooked and criminal enough, but now they’re out to destroy the competition, your credit union.

And, they’ll get away with it if you don’t put up a big sting right now.

Call your congressmen and tell them to oppose the new unreasonable taxes on our credit unions.

Read this…

Don’t Tax My Credit Union

Our credit union pays every tax banks pay except one: the corporate income tax. And that’s because all credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives that are owned by their members, consumers like you. As not-for-profits, credit unions return what they earn to their members in the forms of lower rates on loans, higher returns on savings and lower and/or fewer fees. But you might lose ALL of the benefits you enjoy at Greater Nevada Credit Union unless Congress hears loud and clear from members like you that you want us protected as part of federal tax reforms.

In fact, for every $1 of their tax exemption, credit unions return well over $10 to consumers in better rates and lower fees. That’s a solid investment in our communities. Now, some (mostly banks) say credit unions should pay income taxes, even though it was banks (not credit unions) that took huge government bailouts. The truth is, if credit unions were taxed – and remained not-for-profits – it’s unlikely their members could continue to receive lower rates on loans, higher savings return, and low fees.

You might say taxing credit unions is really a tax on 96 million credit union members.

Please take a moment to ask Congress to preserve credit unions’s tax status as part of tax reforms occurring now. Without that, you could lose the many benefits you enjoy. Visit to send a pre-written email to your Member of Congress today, or call them toll-free at 877-642-4223. Simply tell them, “Don’t Tax My Credit Union!”

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Fixing America’s Economy

Fixing America’s Economy

There is a fix for America’s current financial, political, education, and health industry disasters.

Any addict hoping for recovery must first admit what the problems are. America must wake up to the cause of our current problems and admit that they are problems that needs addressing.

In all the cases mentioned above, there is one primary underlying addiction that is perpetuating the disaster. For those who are willing to take the time to look at our history, it is obvious that we had a handle on these problems for the most part of the past 100 years. We had the world’s best education systems, we had the world’s best medical, we had the world’s leading economy.

But, looking back at the 1920’s and you will see that, like today, this wasn’t true. They were the unregulated “Roaring 20s” but it lead directly into the world’s worst Depression of all time. What have we been doing right since the 1920’s and what are we no longer doing right, today?

The answer is capitalism, or more accurately, unrestrained greed.

We used to have the world’s best education system. But, then we started getting stingy with our education dollars, and today we want to give a big slice of the education dollars to billionaires in the way of privatized schools and vouchers.  The most successful countries in the world today, have a tax rate almost double what we have in America and aren’t afraid to spend it on education.

Got that? Double.

Why don’t we have higher taxes? Because greed has taken control of our country. Unrestrained Capitalism has us believing that it’s in our best interest to abandon all the things that made America strong over the past 100 years: unions, education dollars, regulations, taxes.

When you hear the term “free markets” it is code words for taking away what little restraints we still have on greedy capitalists.

America used to have laws that said insurance companies must be non-profit as well as our hospitals. We’ve abandoned those regulations and look where it’s gotten us. The medical industry is working diligently to restrict the number of doctors we have in America.  Why? Well, for greed, and nothing more. Fewer doctors means higher profits for doctors.

Now, all you Fox zombies, just hold on. I’m not saying we need to do away with capitalism, I am saying we need to get back to the days when we weren’t afraid to regulate it. Regulations are our friends.

Since the days of Reagan, our politicians are afraid to break up the big monopolies. They even express interest in advancing them, if they’re a Republican, and they’re too afraid to do anything if they’re a Democrat.

Our capitalism is running amock and we have to regain control of it. But, that will be impossible until we come to admit that we have a problem. Like a typical addict, we have to admit we have a problem before we can fix it.

The 99% Movement is succeeding at bringing this to our attention, but the greedy capitalist are doing their best to discredit the movement. We have to all wake up and realize that the greedy corporate news sources are dead set on preventing us from taking back control of our country. It’s time to turn off the broadcast television and time to admit we have a problem. The problem is unrestrained capitalism and therein lies the fix.