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What Does Pro Life Mean?

What Does Pro Life Mean?
Paul J.

What does it mean to be pro-life? Answer some simple questions and rate yourself.

  1. Should the sick be cared for even if they can’t afford health care?
  2. Should the elderly be cared for even if they can’t afford health care?
  3. Should the poor be cared for even if they can’t afford health care?
  4. How about if they have to chose between heat and medicine?
  5. Should the homeless be cared for?
  6. Should illegal aliens be cared for even if they can’t afford our hospitals?
  7. Should the minimum wage be high enough to provide a meaningful way of life for everyone, one that includes medical and retirement?
  8. Are you against the death penalty?
  9. Are you against abortions?

Count up all your “yes” votes. If you have only one “yes” vote, some strange folks would say you’re pro-life. But anyone with even the slightest grasp on reality would say that anyone with less than 90% “yes” vote is just mediocre. Anyone with less than 50% “yes” has a serious problem. If you are below the 50% mark, I strongly suggest you read the Constitution of the United States and start with the introduction, or preamble. Just in case you can’t find it, here is how it starts:

We the People  of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

It should be pretty obvious to even the most uneducated in our society that the purpose of our government is so we can provide for the wellbeing of ourselves and our neighbors. The entire introduction to our constitution lays it out in black and white.

Tell Clarence Thomas: Recuse yourself!

Subject: Tell Clarence Thomas: Recuse yourself!

Dear Friend,

The Supreme Court recently decided to hear a case challenging the constitutionality of the new health care reform bill passed by Congress last year, and Justice Clarence Thomas has a supreme ethical conflict.

Amidst accusations of ethics violations, just two weeks ago on the day that the Court decided to hear the challenge of the new health care law, Thomas and Justice Antonin Scalia were honored at a benefit put on by the same firm that is leading the challenge and the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

Tell Justice Clarence Thomas: Recuse yourself from deliberations on the constitutionality of health care reform. You can sign the petition at the link below.

Looking for a Leader

Looking for a Leader
Dave Speck

There’s an old joke, “Republicans want a leader, Democrats want a meeting.”

Jokes are seldom funny unless there’s a grain of truth to them.

Stop. Before you read any further, answer the question, do you think the joke is true about your political party?

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to the point.

Go find yourself a copy of the US constitution and find who is supposed to be the leader of the people. It’s a short and easy read. The president? Congress? But if you don’t want to go check it out for yourself, I’ll give you a clue. There isn’t one!

The framers of our constitution and the forefathers of our country didn’t want there to be leaders. It is We the People who is supposed to lead the government.

And, what’s the best way to lead the government? Through meetings, negotiations, and compromise.

Got that? The Republicans make lousy American politicians because they try to be leaders. Take George W. Bush as an example. He acted like a leader. A lousy leader with all the wrong and stupid ideas but the Republicans loved him. Why would Americans love a leader who did the damage that Bush did to America? Because they have the mistaken belief that they need a leader. That’s what makes it so easy for a strong leader with destructive ideas to become the leader of the Republicans.

America doesn’t elect leaders. If you’re electing a leader, you’re doing the thing that our founding fathers didn’t want you to do. Don’t be a follower. Be a leader and tell your REPRESENTATIVES what to do.

Declaring War

Updated –

Matthew K.

If you read the US constitution, you’ll quickly learn that it is illegal for the president to declare war except in cases of imminent threats.

It is Congress’ responsibility to debate and declare war.

This is for a good cause. Our founding fathers didn’t want a KING declaring war.

But, when the Republican House of Representatives gathered last week they should have been doing the work of the country but were instead discussing and passing anti-American bills like the defunding of America’s constitutionally guaranteed free press.

Got that?

When you put the Republicans in charge, what do they do for America? Destroy it. What do they do to fulfill their obligations as far as war goes? Did they even discuss Libya? They ignore it and then attack the president for having to step in and do their job.

Instead of discussing things important to America, they’re busy passing bills to defund NPR and Women’s health.

Why does anyone still vote Republican?


Update: For emergency purposes, the War Powers Act allows for the president to initiate military action as long as Congress is notified within 48 hours and the act only allows for 60 days before military operations must stop. Obama has notified Congress and the 60 day clock is ticking.

The Need for Free Media

The Need for Free Media
David Schlecht

I got this in my email this morning. It brings to light a serious problem facing America today, something we need to fix immediately.


The Republicans just released their budget proposal, and it zeroes
out funding for both NPR and PBS–the worst proposal in more than a
decade. We need to tell Republicans that cutting off funding was
unacceptable last time they were in charge, and it’s unacceptable now.

I signed a petition to save NPR and PBS. Can you join me at the link

Click Here


This is another shocking example of how the Republican party is against so many of the fundamental principles of our country. The need to protect the free press is one of the most important fundamental principles of America’s freedoms. But, today, we no longer have a free press.

In today’s environment, almost all the news Americans get is biased by multi-billion dollar news corporations and presented by millionaire news casters. This is exactly what our founding fathers didn’t want to have happen.

That is why they put the press in the constitution, the only industry explicitly referenced in the constitution. Still, the Republicans want to do away with the few remaining threads of our free press.

In a time when our information is being purposely polluted, we need to protect the truly impartial news sources that are not influenced by big money or politics. That is why we need news sources that are wholly funded by our taxes and not relying on donations from people and big unethical businesses.

Our free press, such as NPR and PBS, is not perfect and still rely too heavily on big money donations from businesses, but we need to fix it by funding them enough so they aren’t influenced by corruption and we need to vote out any political party that wants to destroy our last chance of a free press.

So, how much money will it cost you, personally, to help fund our free press? The amount is truly pennies each year. So, why would a political party want to save you pennies while expecting you to pay thousands for welfare for the billionaires in tax cuts? Well, you know why.

Source of Our National Debt

Source of Our National Debt
David Schlecht

Did you know that the president of the USA is the source of the country’s budget? Every president proposes a budget and congress takes that proposal and either passes it as is or tweaks it and passes it. Then, the president signs or vetoes the budget. I suppose most everyone reading this blog already knows this.

If congress doesn’t like the budget they can just scrap the whole thing and make their own and the president can veto it.

The budget belongs to the president. This is the opposite of what the constitution says in which it says the House of Representatives is where all budgetary bills originate.

Look at this graph of our nation’s debt over the past century. Tell me which political party is the party of drunk Animal House frat boys?

National debt as function of GDP

What’s of most interest here is how the Republican party is screaming and hollering about tax and spend Democrats when the facts, as always, shows them to be lying hypocrites. Why does anyone still believe the Republican party? Whey does anyone still vote for the party that is shipping our jobs overseas? Come on America, you’re smarter than that.

What did the last ten years of the GOP bring us?