Observe the Poisons Sickening our Government

by David Schlecht

Many of you may not know, but there is an organized effort to interfere with our process of government and prevent our politicians from doing their jobs.

These evil, unethical, unpatriotic crooks have been hiding under the apron strings of failed beliefs and argue that their abuse of the government is what their people want.

It’s time for the crooks to give up their crooked and immoral ways and get down to the business they have been elected to perform, government, not obstruction.

It’s time for America to turn off our TVs and get serious about saving our government.

Zero, Zip, Nada

The number of Republicans who voted to criticize Clear Channel’s Limbaugh for disgracing the “Phony troops”is zero, but 100% voted to condemn Move-On for what they say was disrespecting General David’s betrayal.

You’re asking me to not call the whole republican senate a total and complete moral disaster, when you go from none, nada, zip, zero avoiding the hypocrisy vote. Sorry, but there just is no “one or two” Senate Republicans who can demonstrate any honor or morals. It’s a total party disaster, plain and simple.

Not ALL Republican Conservatives are Mentally Retarded

by David Schlecht

My thanks to the gentle readers who have correctly noticed that many of the authors on this site condemn groups when they really should be focusing on the specific cases.

It’s not right to condemn all Republicans as morons, or all Nevadans as trailer trash or all conservative media as corporate corrupt or all  conservatives as immoral. Though many of the blog posts demonstrate these principles giving obvious examples, it’s not always correct to condemn the whole group for what the vast majority do.  I’m sure that out of the remaining 26%ers not more than 99.999% are immoral. The last two or three are just stupid. Hence, it’s not fair to blame the poor stupid for being immoral.

Just like you can say that the vast majority of Liberal blogs are accurate and offer plenty of evidence of their statements, there are one or two that don’t. Now we don’t want to be blamed for all being like the one or two, and we all know that not all the Conservative blogs will lie to show just that.  Two or three are just plain stupid.

Hence, I suggest that we all try to do a better job of exposing exactly what is so evident rather than assuming that the readers have the same knowledge foundation that you have.

Okay, enough comedy. There are some good Republicans out there just like there are some bad Liberals. Let’s stick to the specifics rather than generalities.

Senate Betrays Us

by David Schlecht

[Updated below]

The Republicans are all up in arms about what they consider the unpatriotic MoveOn advertisement. Not just that, but some spineless Democrats supported the amendment to criticize MoneOn, as well.

Yes, these are the same Republican traitors who lied repeatedly to disparage their ex-military political opponents. How many of these traitors were silent or openly behind the Swift Boating of John Kerry? Yet, when MoveOn buys an ad that is factual, they’re all up in arms. Does any of this seem just a little bit hypocritical?

Olberman has a great piece on this, tonight. Watch this over at Crooks and Liars.

Keep in mind that our own government, against the will of the vast majority of Americans, just now defeated the restoration of Habeas Corpus and defeated a bill to support the military, but they have the hypocrisy to object to free and honest speech.

This type of blind hypocrisy, as ugly as it is, is what we have come to expect from our Republican party. However, this amendment had the support of many Democrats as well.

I generally avoid disparaging remarks about the Democratic party, as there is plenty of lies, hate end venom coming from the Republican Party. However, this warrants a big acknowledgment on the part of the Democratic voters. We can’t just sit by silently while our own elected officials make a mockery of our rights and our government. Call your representatives and find out why they caved to the hypocrites. What? Is free speech no longer an American freedom? We can lie and slander Kerry, but can’t even ask if Political Hack Betrayus is betraying his position, his oath, and the American people?

Call and write your newspaper, and your representatives. I’m taking all my Democratic donations and giving them to MoveOn so they can keep up the good fight.

Here’s a list of the Democrats who voted to destroy America’s Freedom of Speech:

Baucus (D-MT), Bayh (D-IN), Cardin (D-MD), Carper (D-DE), Casey (D-PA), Conrad (D-ND), Dorgan (D-ND), Feinstein (D-CA), Johnson (D-SD), Klobuchar (D-MN), Kohl (D-WI), Landrieu (D-LA), Leahy (D-VT), Lincoln (D-AR), McCaskill (D-MO), Mikulski (D-MD), Nelson (D-FL), Nelson (D-NE), Pryor (D-AR), Salazar (D-CO), Tester (D-MT), Webb (D-VA)

State of Decline

by David Schlecht

Historians will be looking back at our generation in amazement, not for our great technology or our great artwork or at our great humanitarian achievements, but at the decline of America’s self respect. This week has brought to the foreground the total blockade the Republicans have successfully imposed on the American political process.

This week, the Republicans have, against the will of the people, blocked legislation to restore Habeas Corpus. The vast majority of American want to see justice restored, but the Republicans successfully prevented it from coming up for a vote. Even the vast majority of our politicians “claim” to support restoring justice, yet a small minority, the Republicans, kept us in the Dark Ages.

America, do you realize that your government has gotten out of your control? You are being controlled by an unresponsive government? The framers of our constitution, our country’s forefathers, repeatedly expressed the need to be prepared to revolt if it ever comes to this. I don’t think we’re at the point of revolt, not yet, anyway. But we are at the point that we need to remove the politicians who are refusing to represent the voters.

Today! Every Republican who decided to obstruct justice, needs to be recalled. Every single one! If they’re not representing America, they’re taking over the country and it’s either remove them now, peacefully, or be prepared to use force to extract them later.

The liars have repeatedly pretended to support the troops and repeatedly accused anyone else of being soft on terror or unsupportive of the troops. This week, in keeping with their true beliefs, the Republicans have again filibustered to prevent America from supporting our troops by giving them sufficient rest between tours in Bush’s war. The Republicans in our government have lied so repeatedly and so dependably that America has lost all confidence in their ability to lead the country. Liars left to infect the political system are causing this country extreme harm. They can’t say they support the troops and then vote against them. Liars!

Republicans do not support the troops or America.

Yes, history will look back, your kids and grand kids will look back and wonder where you were when America needed you.

Impeach the liars.

White House Missing Emails

by Dave Speck

So — the deadline has come and gone for the White House’s missing emails. So what?

Will the Democratic congress do anything about it? What’s that you say? Another non-binding panty-waist threat. Will the Democrats get their crap together before they get voted out next November?

If you ask me, I’d say probably not. And, that’s exactly what the Republican machinery wants. Their hate and fear filled followers will come out in droves to vote where the real Americans will stay home in utter horror of what as come of their country.

If there was ever a time for the Democratically controlled congress to do something, it’s right now. Today! Do something!

Lost 9 Soldiers in Iraq, Today

by David Schlecht

I’m sorry to say that we lost nine more brave soldiers, today, in Iraq. Nine soldiers die while General Betray-us betrays the American people. Yes, 6 more years. Yes. YES! Oh, God, YES!

Does anyone else find it worrisome that even our military has become so corrupt that they spew the White House propaganda, without a single shred of honesty or impartiality. Doesn’t that seem just a little scary? Will these same Republican operatives, responsible for our military, turn our military against us in a pinch? Does anyone really doubt that it’s exactly what they would do?

What would Hitler do with this power?

New By Lines

by David Schlecht

Dear gentle readers. Thanks for all the feedback on this site.

Due to popular demand, and due to the number of distinct authors contributing to this blog, you will now see By Lines showing who writes each article. I admit, it’s been rather confusing who we’re reading.

Who wrote the article? The mystery is now solved.

This will also make it easier to search on a particular author.

Tell me what I want to hear or else

by David Schlecht

Remember Saddam Husein? Yes, that’s the one. The tyrant responsible for all those weapons of mass destruction. Remember him? We all saw the awful things that happened when he would dismiss or behead anyone in his government (or family) who didn’t agree with him. Hitler had the same problem. Eventually he had nobody around him who dared express any reality. Eventually Hitler knew very little about how bad the war really was going, because nobody dared tell him.

In today’s news, “Bush advisers favor current war strategy”. Sound familiar?

Bush has replaced anyone and everyone who is willing to express the folly of the surge or the folly of invading Iraq or the need to prepare for country building, or anything. Now, all that are left for the Hitler administration are the yes-men who refuse to explain to George that Paris isn’t burning.

Why does the Corrupt Corporate Media quote these empty shells? Why do they care? Why should we care what “Bush Advisers” have to say? They’ve been so reliably wrong since the very beginning, the only time we should listen to them is when we want to know what NOT to do.

I’m not saying Bush is Hitler. No, America’s Corrupt Corporate Media would never support that. The American Republican party would never blindly support a closed-minded leader who refused to listen to dissension, or even opposing views.  No, it would never happen here. I’m talking about Bush, here, not Hitler. I wonder if Hitler would have supported 21st century medicine and research over biblical rantings? Maybe we would be better off with Hitler. At least then the conservatives would see what they’re signing up for, not that any of them would refrain from joining the party.

It’s not too late to Impeach, but it may well be too late, soon enough. Why wait?

Pope demands respect for Sundays

by Paul Johnson

From the BBC:

Pope Benedict XVI has appealed for renewed respect for Sundays

When the world’s churches come clean, then and only then can they start asking that those of us with morals change our behavior. That’s right, the pope and his church has the morals of barbarians from 3,000 years ago. In fact, that’s where their rules and morals have come from.

That’s right. read the bible, rape your wife, your slaves, your children, even kill your children, just like the bible tells us, and then tell the rest of the world that we need to show respect. Do people with functioning brains really listen to these immoral cult leaders?

Hey Benedict, how about showing respect for the living by donating some of your millions of dollars to stem cell research? How about selling your multi-million dollar churches and help the poor, the unfortunate, the uneducated, the sick. How many people would be saved by closing just one church, Benedict?

Follow Jesus, ban the churches. Read the bible and you will see that Jesus opposed organized religion. Ever wonder why? Follow Jesus, ban the churches, or — follow the Pope and show some more respect for Sundays.

7 Americans Die in Iraq Today

I’m sorry to report that we have lost another 7 Americans in Iraq, today. Oh my gosh, you can just smell the progress can’t you?

What kind of lies is the White House trying to feed us? Things aren’t improving. It’s a disaster and everyone knows it. There’s no other way to describe it. We had a chance to do this thing right (not that it was ever the right thing to do) if we had planned before invading. An additional 100,000 troops at the beginning may have helped. Getting the country back on its feet right away would have helped. Now it’s too late for these things.

The only solution is to give Iraq a pull-out date and let them do what needs to be done to be prepared to govern their own country.

Bush has made an absolute disaster of everything he has done to this country and now wants to wait for someone else to come along after him and clean it all up. It’s way past time, but it’s never too late to impeach.


Basra Pullout. British Withdrawl Leaves Basra Unprotected

From the NY Times:

The British Army began withdrawing from its last base in Basra’s city center early Monday, a move that will leave Iraq’s second-largest city without foreign forces for the first time since the American-led invasion in 2003.

The pullout came as two of Britain’s most influential generals during the Iraq war delivered scathing attacks on the Americans for their handling of the campaign after Saddam’s defeat.

Will the US Corrupt Conservative Media pick this up? Nah, didn’t think so.

If we know that the Bush administration lies to us about the most important of issues, and the Bush administration controls the news and information about Iraq that comes in to the American media, and the other world media outlets paint a completely different picture of Iraq than Bush does, who are we to believe?

I guess things are going just swimmingly in Iraq.

Krattenmaker’s Moral Deception

This issue has been beaten up enough on the blogs, as of late, that I hate to be just another post, but there’s one issue that I feel has been tragically missed.

In the August 20th USA Today, Tom Krattenmaker’s article was down on the secularists for being, well, so much like the overboard theists — close minded. But, his rant started from a comment he had made that garnered a not-so-open minded reply, in his mind.

Tom says, “… religion should leave scientific research to the scientists and devote itself, along with the fields of ethics and philosophy, to the mighty issues of the human condition: good and evil, the meaning of life, the nature of love and so forth.”

The handbook for the Christian religions, the Holy Bible, is thick with unethical and immoral recipes for living our lives. There are dozens of recommendations to own and rape our slaves, and our women’s slaves, to rape our daughters until they’re pregnant, to sexually abuse young men, to rape, pillage, plunder, and destroy entire races.

Yes, Tom, these are the people who should be spending their time on such wieighty issues as the meaning of life, love, and so forth. No point in expecting to see any morals from someone who doesn’t pattern their lives after the Good Book, now is there?

For a quick run-down on the true nature of the Holy Bible, read it yourself, or spend 5 minutes on the Internet looking it up. Here’s a good place to start — The Annotated Bible. Check out the categories on the right hand side of the page, for example of the things condoned by the Bible.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Don’t pretend that I’m saying all religious people are sickos. I’m not. I am a spiritual person, myself. However, we need to pay attention to what we’re being fed. Religion does not teach us morals. If we don’t get them from within, the Bible will only corrupt us.

Light Posting

Hi All,

In case you’re wondering why the postings have been so light this week — I’m out of the area until Friday. But, oh, there’s so much to cover. Al beat me to a response to a Krattenmaker about the bad old securlarists.

14 more of our soldiers have died today, in Iraq. “IT’S NOT A QUAGMIRE!” My heart goes out to the families and friends.

Romney Scrambling to Alter Stock Portfolio After Questionable Dealings Revealed

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is scrambling to change his investments after a Herald report that he holds stock in companies that perform embryonic stem cell research –a practice that clashes with his conversion to an anti-abortion presidential candidate. As he faced questions on the campaign trail yesterday, Romney denied specific knowledge of the stem cell investments, but said he expects his money will be pulled from firms whose work conflicts with his beliefs.

“The trustee of the blind trust has said publicly that he will endeavor to make my investments conform with my positions, and I am confident that he will,” Romney said during a stop in Georgia.

The Herald reported yesterday that Romney, considered a top-tier candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, owns stock in Novo Nordisk and Millipore Corp., which use human embryos to conduct disease research.

Romney, who holds assets worth between $190 million and $250 million, also invests in casino operators, an oil company that does business with Iran and a firm with cash linked to the genocidal Sudanese government.

( Link )

The Internet TeamRudy Giuliani on Immigration: Rhetoric vs. Reality

Rudy Giuliani talks tough in South Carolina, promising that “we can end illegal immigration. But an aide to one of his rivals leaked a video of the former mayor taking a much more pragmatic stance:

 “We’re never ever going to be able to totally control immigration to a country that is as large as ours,” Giuliani said in a speech at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in 1996. “If you were to totally control immigration into the United States…you might very well destroy the economy of the United States because you’d have to inspect everything and everyone in every way possible.” While adding that it’s important to get a better sense of who was coming into the country, Giuliani said “you’re never totally going to control it.”

We Are the Mainstream Media

I’ve caught myself a few times making the mistake of using the framing forced on us by the Corrupt Conservative Media. They like to refer to themselves as the Mainstream Media or the MSM. What a joke!

We, here, in cyberland, are the mainstream media. We still rely on the well-funded corporate corruption to get some of our stories, but then have to do the real research ourselves.

So, what, exactly does representing the 35%ers  do to make them think they’re mainstream? Nothing, obviously. When we say Mainstream Media, we need to start realizing that it is us.

Now, what, exactly makes the Corrupt Corporate Media such a failure? Why are they hemorrhaging from every wrong decision?  Do you think maybe it’s because they keep using the same worn out Conservative apologists, the same old chicken-hawks, the same old disproven arguments? If our authors were wrong as often as the Corrupt Corporate Media journalists, they’d be looking for another venue.

Maybe the Corrupt Corporate Media has an opening.

From the Mouths of Liars

So, if Cheney knew so well exactly what was going to happen when we invaded an unarmed nation which didn’t attack us, why did he tell us the opposite?

Check out this interview with the liar.

So, what exactly changed? Oh, that’s right, Iraq invaded us. Umm, wait, maybe not. Oh, I can’t remember with all the propaganda.

I was amused at a bumper sticker this afternoon. It read, “Freedom Isn’t Free”.

Yes, indeed, our forefathers paid a tremendous price for our freedom. The same freedom we’re letting Bush destroy. However, freedom doesn’t mean invading an unarmed nation. That’s what you call immoral.

When a government gets too invasive, and too secretive, and too demanding of our freedoms, it’s time to pay up and risk our safety to help keep our government under our control. That’s what’s not free. It’s not free because we have to work every day at keeping our country free. We must oppose the forces of the unfree.

Nevada’s Ensign Supports Treasonous Bush Administration

Here’s a reply I received from Ensign regarding the corrupt and criminal Bush White House. Can you really say that this man is this stupid or is he a pathological liar? Obviously, to some, Bush is the second coming of Christ. Here’s his reply:

August 14, 2007 : Thank you for contacting me regarding your concerns about President Bush and his Administration. I value the opinions of every Nevadan and am grateful for the opportunity to address your concerns. The job of the President is demanding, and this Administration has faced some unique challenges. The circumstances of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the downturn in the economy would present a significant challenge to any leader. In light of these international and domestic conditions surrounding his presidency, I believe President Bush has proven himself to be a leader capable of making difficult decisions and that he has generally been able to rise to the challenges that he has faced. The U.S. economy is healthy, growing, and creating more opportunities every single day. Some of the tax reforms that have passed in the Senate and that the President has signed into law have fueled our economy and driven it to new heights. For example, we created over nine million jobs in the last five years, and there are more Americans working now than ever before in our nation’s history. In addition, tax revenues are at an all-time high. Further, there has not been a single terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11. I believe that the President deserves credit for his leadership on these issues. Over the past five years, we have taken steps to enhance Americans’ safety while respecting our civil liberties. In fact, the United States and our partners have disrupted at least 15 separate, serious al-Qaida terrorist plots. Fortunately, thus far, we have managed to stay ahead of determined, resourceful, and adaptable enemies, but this could not have been accomplished without important programs that allow our intelligence community to access terrorist networks. Allowing wiretapping of suspected terrorists, tracking terrorist financing, and interrogating enemy combatants has yielded credible information resulting in the capture of still more terrorists, the break up of sleeper cells, and the prevention of further attacks. Removing these tools from the men and women fighting to protect our freedoms would only give the terrorists advantages they do not have now to effectively destroy our way of life. We have stayed on the offensive, fighting terrorists in places like Iraq and Afghanistan instead of waiting for them to take the fight to our homes. There are people who have criticized the Administration on spending and the size of the deficit. As a fiscal conservative, I too am concerned with the level of spending, the deficit, and the legacy of debt we are leaving for our children and grandchildren. Some people have blamed the tax cut packages of 2001 and 2003 for the increases in the national debt. It is important to remember that, during debate on these bills, Democrats had similar tax cut plans, but their proposals would have targeted tax cuts toward different policies. Thus, at the time these bills were passed, both Democrats and Republicans agreed that tax cuts were necessary to encourage an economic recovery; however, Republicans preferred to target tax relief toward small business and activities that would drive the economy and help create jobs. Given that tax receipts are at an all-time high, it is clear that Republican policies have helped grow our economy. The real cause of the deficits is the level of federal spending. For example, from 2001 to 2005, federal spending has increased 45%. Given these facts, I hope that you will be pleased to learn that I have been very active in working to improve accountability as to how Washington, D.C., spends your hard-earned money and that I have also worked to reduce unnecessary spending. For example, I, along with several of my Senate colleagues, introduced a measure in February 2006 that would change the Senate rules to help eliminate Congressional earmarks in appropriations bills. As you may know, earmarks have increased significantly over the last several years, and our measure is a necessary step to reduce overall federal spending. I also introduced the Spending Money Accountably to Rebuild After Tragedy (SMART) Act to reign in federal spending to help pay for the costs of rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. I felt that it was important to help the people that were devastated in the Gulf Region but to do so in a way that prioritizes spending rather than adding an additional $120 billion in spending above the level permitted by the budget. Further, I introduced legislation that would create a publicly searchable, online database to bring transparency to the process of federal spending. I was pleased to see legislation similar to mine signed into law by the President on September 26, 2006. Once again, thank you for contacting me on this very important issue. If you should have any further questions or comments or would like to sign up for my monthly newsletter, please feel free to write or e-mail me via my website at
http://ensign.senate.gov. Sincerely, JOHN ENSIGN United States Senator

Why hasn’t Nevada done something about this abomination? “Don’t distract me with the facts, right now, I don’t have time to recall the moron, Dancing With The Stars is on!”

The Moral Beliefs of Atheists

Balkinization has an interesting read regarding the possible religious foundation of morals. It was eerie to follow the link and read the review of Michael Perry’s Toward a Theory of Human Rights.

Balkinization’s Brian Tamanaha does a good first stab at analyzing the view, but seems to be approaching Perry’s fallacy with kid gloves. Perry’s perspective is that all morals come from religion and a lack or loss of religion would spell a break-down of our rights, laws, and courts.

Now, let me state that I haven’t read Perry’s works, here, and am only going on the review and on Brian’s blog, but both seem so obviously lacking. The most obvious destruction of Perry’s religious morals perspective are the facts in our every day news. Look at how much more religious our government and especially our courts have become in the past few years. It is not a coincidence that this is one of the most immoral governments that we have seen. Again, this is not a coincidence. Any time over the history of mankind that has been controlled by religion has been a time of immorality.

How could these two arguments be so devoid of this knowledge? Of course, the naive excuse would be to say that all the examples are just coincidences.

Is there really any reason to spend more time listening to biased authors explain how their world view is fact, regardless of all the facts to the contrary.

Time magazine published a survey showing that 59% of American voters would vote against an atheist because of his religious view. Where does this 59% get this twisted notion? Who has been feeding them lies?

Like the religious fanatics, it’s easy to believe that homosexuality is a choice, in the absence of any facts. However, anyone who has really known a gay person knows that this is a stupidly ignorant perspective. It is not a choice.

If you’re interested in knowing if religious people are really less moral than atheists, get to know some atheists and use that knowledge to decide who is immoral and who is improving the human race. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that there are a group of people out there doing a much better job than those church-goers you and I know from church.