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Let’s Go Back to Paper Ballots

Let’s Go Back to Paper Ballots
Captain Jack

Isn’t it time for America to evaluate our decision to move to electronic voting systems? I say it is way past time and we need to get to fixing this today.

The system we have today is a closed proprietary system which has no way to validate the results. Some states like Nevada have a paper trail that is printed as part of the voting process but there is no requirement to evaluate the paper trails and no way to ensure that the paper trail and electronic results match.

This begs an obvious question. What good, if any, are the paper verification systems on these electronic voting systems?

With a voting system that is not transparent to the voters the voters are beginning to feel they have lost confidence in the voting system. Without confidence in the system. people will eventually quit voting altogether. That is exactly what the Republicans want. The less people that participate in the voting process, the better their chances are of getting into office. Check out the Republican perspective on the value of votes.

Other nations have tried electronic voting systems and thrown them out. It’s time America did it as well.