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The Valdez of Our Day

The Valdez of Our Day
Captain Jack

Maybe a better title would be, “The Katrina of Today”, or maybe “Obama’s Katrina.”

The Obama administration has been involved in resolving this oil spill since the beginning but they have been doing a worthless job of keeping the American people informed.

It makes sense keeping BP involved in this cleanup effort since it’s their disaster and America doesn’t own off shore oil rigging equipment. Still, we need to know what is going on. It is now obvious to everyone that BP has been lying to us about the scope of the disaster. Has Obama been involved in this deception or just victim to it, but either way, it’s wrong. We need to put as much effort into this as we can.

It was a good move on our part to forbid BP from continuing to pump toxic dispersants into the waters, after how many hundreds of thousands of gallons were injected. And, why are we (and BP) pumping dispersants into the water? Is this to aid with the clean up? Doubtful.

Hey Obama, be careful what you are doing here. If you try to keep this disaster secret, you will make this a disaster worse than Bush’s handling of Katrina.

Little Footprints

Little Footprints
David Schlecht

We hear so much about how the global warming disaster is just a hoax. It’s sad to think that anyone really listens to the deniers. Take a look at the big picture.

If the average human has only a small negative impact on the world, let’s say just a small amount of pollution, or a small amount of carbon or a small amount of litter, then the human race is heading for extinction. Let me explain why.

Looking at a big polluter, if we were all big polluters, it wouldn’t take more than a few generations before we polluted enough to destroy our environment. Fortunately, the majority of mankind are small polluters. In fact the majority of people have a negative footprint. In other words, many of the third world countries produce less pollution than they remove from the world. How many people never own a car?

So the smaller footprint mankind has, the longer we can survive, but sooner or later, we will have destroyed more of the earth than the earth can take. Even the smallest negative footprint will eventually produce enough damage to destroy us.

In order to survive as a species, we must eventually reduce our footprint to zero or more likely will be required to reduce it to a negative footprint to avert disaster.

So, if we’re going to have to do it sooner or later, we have the choice. Do we want to continue to do more harm to the earth than we fix and do we want to produce bigger and bigger messes until our grandchildren or great grandchildren are saddled with nightmare of cleaning up after us? Or do we want to start being responsible people and reducing our footprint to a point where we are cleaning up more garbage than we produce?

Eventually we will run out of room for our landfills and run out of room in our atmosphere for our pollution. We will have to reduce our footprint. The only question is, will we do it today or leave it for our kids?