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The Endgame

Ever play the game of Monopoly?

Losing the game of Monopoly

You know how it ends. Eventually no one has anything left but the rich.

We now live in the new Gilded Age where the wealthy own more than all the rest of us combined. We are in the final stages of the game of Monopoly and we’re losing. We are giving away our money and our government and our freedom to the billionaires and transnational corporations.

You know it’s true. Your income doesn’t go as far as it used to. You have probably experienced a loss of pay or of benefits or employment and probably know others who have as well. Your expenses keep going up but your wages don’t.

And what’s worse, is you doubt that it will be getting any better.

In fact, we are so far along the game of Monopoly that the rich are not only taking everything from us, but they’re even changing the rules of the game so they make even more faster.

The only way we win this game of Monopoly is to get politically active. Get out there and join groups and start leaving comments correcting the websites and blogs that shill for the wealthy.

But, most importantly, get out there and start talking with your family and your friends and your neighbors. They all feel the same way you do. Everyone knows we’re losing this game of Monopoly and we have to get active, right now, if we expect to fix this before it’s too late.

What kind of America are you going to leave for your children and grandchildren? Will they be slaves for the wealthy or will we demand our fair share of the profits of this great and wealthy country?

Get active and get three other people to join you in getting active.

The games almost over.

Keystone XL Pipeline – It Ain’t Over Yet

The oil industry is pouring millions of dollars into marketing, telling Americans that it’s all over but the crying and it doesn’t matter if we think it’s our country or not, they’ll do what they damn well please.

I’m seeing pundit after pundit repeating the billionaire marketing jingles.

But it ain’t over. Americans aren’t going to just bend over and take it up the pipeline. There is still plenty we can do and our numbers are still growing.

But, it’s time, today, to make a stand. Let the billionaires and their XL Pipeline cheer leaders know that this is still our country and we don’t want the stinking toxic sludge coming across our country just so the billionaires can refine it in the Gulf Coast and then ship it all out of the country.

This pipeline will actually cause our gas prices to go up because none of the gas that is refined will be sold in America.

America doesn’t want the XL Pipeline and we will be heard.

Oh, those poor misunderstood billionaires and oil executives and transnational corporations. Don’t you just feel sorry for them?

Get involved. It’s not over yet.

What The Tea Party Wants

What The Tea Party Wants
Dave Speck

It is very hard not to hear the voices of the billionaires behind every single tea party request.

The Tea Party Requests

  • Fewer regulations on the oil companies
  • Drill baby drill
  • Lower taxes on the billionaires
  • Welfare for Billionaires
  • Lower benefits for the middle class
  • Smaller government
  • Kill the unions

… and on and on it goes.

Who Votes Against Their Best Interests?

It takes a real fool to be out there chanting against the middle class and against the workers and against regulating big business and against fair taxes on the rich, against their own best interests.

But, the Republican party if full of fools.

So, tea party, what, exactly, do you want, other than what the billionaires want?

You want smaller government? Tell me what small government country you want to be like. Somalia, maybe? Haiti? There isn’t a single one out there I want to be like. Tell me what big government country you don’t want to be like. The bigger the government, the bigger the benefits to the tax payers. Of course, we all want to clean out waste from our government but making it smaller isn’t the solution. It only helps the billionaires.

So, tea party followers, please, tell me, what do you want that the billionaires haven’t told you to want?

Who Fixed the Last Great Depression?

During the last Great Depression, America voted for progressives to fix the country and Germany voted for a conservative, Hitler. Who are you voting for? Since I know that you will refuse to admit it to yourself, I’ll help you out. You’re voting for the conservatives.

Rally to Support Wisconsin

There will be hundreds of rallies this weekend to support our workers in Wisconsin and let our own politicians know that we are united in supporting the middle class and the working class in America.

The war against the workers in America and against the middle class must stop. Get involved.

Get out! Join one of the rallies and get involved. Believe me, you can afford to invest a couple minutes to help save your country.

Sign up here.

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Nevada Solidarity Rally

Nevada Solidarity Rally
David Schlecht

In Nevada’s capitol, Carson City, today, we were honored with the sight of hundreds of Nevada workers, showing solidarity with the workers of Wisconsin.

I’m not an expert at guessing crowd sizes but it seemed to be at least 180 people gathering in solidarity, cheering, carrying signs and making their voices heard.

Imagine that , 180 Nevadans getting together to send a message to their representatives about standing together with the middle class and with workers. Too bad the local news stations put such little effort into fairly reporting. I’m sure that if half that many tea baggers were in all of Nevada, the news would be crawling all over it and we’d be hearing about it for weeks.

Still, I’m proud to see Americans standing together to beat the tyranny of the ruling class. Well, all except the poor tea baggers down at the end of the street, still frightened and angry and hateful of their government and the workers of America.  I’m guessing they don’t even realize what they’re picketing against. You’re picketing against America, you fools.

Of the signs of solidarity, there were endless words of support from many different groups and organizations. On the end of the street, there were those condemning workers’ rights, condemning their high taxes, the lowest they’ve been in over 50 years, and bemoaning a great country and a great government.

So, who, again, benefits from a smaller government? Not the people, that’s obvious when you look at countries with small governments, like Somalia. It’s the multinational corporations you fools. Who benefits when the workers get the shaft? It’s not we the people, you fools.

Nevada, I’m proud to see all of you out there giving up a day off and freezing in the cold to try to save your state and our country.

Check out the pictures of the event. See true patriots sacrificing for the sake of saving our country. Oh, and see a handful of fools saving the poor downtrodden billionaires.