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Saving Money on Medicare to Help Fund Obamacare

Saving Money on Medicare to Help Fund Obamacare
David Schlecht

You have probably already seen countless negative political ads informing the voters that one candidate or another voted to take money away from Medicare, some ads even say they stole money from Medicare.

And, where did this stolen money go? According to the ads, it went to pay for Obamacare which no one wants.

You were all warned that this was coming. The lies are coming so fast and furious that they can’t even be debunked fast enough.

No one voted to take money out of Medicare to pay for Obamacare. In fact, if you still have a few brain cells left, you will remember that we all wanted to fix our broken health care system. Well, now it’s on the path to being fixed and the ads are all telling us that no one wanted this.

Say what? Are they really expecting all of us to be so gosh-darned ignorant that we won’t remember what a mess Obamacare is cleaning up? Do they really believe that we want the old broken health care system back? They’re flat out wrong. We remember and we’re glad for the benefits that Obamacare brings and we’re not stupid.

So, where does this lie come from?

Obama did, in fact, save seven hundred billion dollars in Medicare by cutting the middle man, for profit corporations, out of the system. Obama also cut deals with the health care providers to help reduce costs.

So, there is no loss incurred by Medicare, only a savings. And that savings is being used to help cover other people who wouldn’t otherwise have insurance.

In other words, we’re getting more in return for our investment.

Got that? We’re saving money and the Republicans are lying trying to make it look like someone voted to take money away from Medicare services.

The Republican Lie Machine is just getting geared up. Get ready.

And, when you’re sick and tired of these ads expecting you to be stupid enough to believe them, then consider donating a couple bucks to the candidate that is being lied about.