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Economies Requiring Growth

Economies Requiring Growth
David Schlecht

We have discussed many of the roadblocks to success that are fundamental to America’s economy. Today we’ll discuss the pending disaster of an economy based on unlimited growth.

Let’s look at Nevada for a prime example of an economy that is crumbling, not only because of the Free Market insanity, but because of a model requiring unending growth.

Most people realize that Nevada is a desert, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the vacant stare of our Governor Gibbons. As a desert, our communities are limited by available resources, and being a desert, one of the most critical resources is water. So what happens when we have more people than the water supply can support?

Well, of course, the industry lobbyists are saying that we can’t stop constructing new homes and schools and strip malls, so we must force people to conserve more and more.

So, in Nevada, we’re forcing the voters to use less and less water so they can continue to build more and more homes adding to more and more traffic and more and more crime and more and more congestion.

Eventually, there will come a point where you can’t ration the water any more and the population will level off, or more likely, decline as everyone will want to leave the stinking cesspool left behind.

Population growth will come to an end!

Since a large part of our economy is driven by the construction industry, a large part of our economy will falter, as will all the industries relying on that industry, like the many strip malls.

Right now, today, is time to start implementing building moratoriums when we see that our resources are unable to keep pace with population. If we wait, like Nevada, until it’s too late, then population will actually fall, and that will destroy the housing industry and the property values of all those unable to flee the disaster.

Again, this isn’t rocket sience, so why doesn’t Gibbons, or your own governor see this pending disaster and start constraining growth? It’s time you reminded them that you’re watching and paying attention.