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United We Stand

United We Stand
Captain Jack

United We Stand

Do you remember the solidarity America felt after we were attacked on 9/11? The whole country came together. The sitting president had one of the worst approval ratings and most of America knew we were attacked because of his failings, but we all stood together. UNITED WE STOOD.

Katrina came along and the same sitting president continued to sit while New Orleans drowned. Four days of people dying and Americans were united in our efforts to address the problems. We all knew that the sitting president had been appointed by a coup of the Supreme Court, but we all united to address the problems rather than attacking the utter failure of a president.

Compare that with today. We have one of the best presidents America has seen in decades. Just look at the long long list of wonderful accomplishments, not to mention digging our economy out of the Republican Second Great Depression.

But all the Republicans can do is complain that he isn’t addressing the economy (until they’re proven to be liars) or complaining about how he isn’t enough involved in the oil spill (until they are proven to be wrong yet again) or complaining about how Obama must be unfit to be president because he was born in Kenya (and these lies have been exposed time after time).

Do you see any sort of contrast? A Republican president bringing destruction upon America and we are still all united to solve our difficulties. A Democratic president comes along and the Republican will do anything, even bringing disaster to our country to try to bring him down.

Sick. Just real sick. How about if we all tried a little “United We Stand”?

Congratulations America! Way to Go!

Congratulations America! Way to Go!
Captain Jack

Congratulations America! You have done something America has been trying to do for the past 70 years. We’ve passed Health Insurance Reform. America, YOU ROCK!

For the past 70 years, while the rest of the world has created health care systems for all their people, Republican have fought with all their might against America’s efforts at reforming our broken system. And you finally did it!

This is such an important milestone that it’s hard to even put it in perspective. One day, many decades ago, America decided we would not allow our poor and old to die on street corners. Against the cries of Socialism from the Republicans, we became a better country, a country following the course defined in our constitution and America’s forefathers. Today, we passed health care reform and it is just as momentous and has been against as much pressures and lies from the Right Wing Nutsville.

But, America, this is just the start. If we just sit back and feel good about what we did, and nothing more, then you know the followers of the hate and fear party will be out in force, trying to undo every good thing that makes this country great. We can’t let that happen.

Stay active. Feel GREAT about our wonderful first step but know that it’s just a single step in helping America recover from the damages wrought by our brothers on the Right. Stay active. Talk to your neighbors, write letters to the papers and magazine and to our representatives. Donate! And let’s set our sights on the next big success for America.

Congratulations America!

Activist Judges

Activist Judges
David Schlecht

What are “Activist Judges” and why don’t we want them?

Plain and simple, an activist judge is a judge who is intent on furthering his or her own ideology even if it goes against the prior decisions of the court or against the constitution or against the ideals of America’s founding fathers.

Here are a couple examples of activism on the Supreme Court. The constitution says nothing about the rights of businesses or international corporations, yet over the past 80 years there have been countless cases found in favor of corporations over the rights of the people. The judges who come from a background of defending corrupt corporations are most inclined to be activists because they’ve spent their entire careers arguing for corporations.

The most obvious example of activist judges causing harm to America is the latest five right-wing fanatics on the Supreme Court who decided that corporations should be allowed to spend unlimited money to drown out the voices of We The People. This is so blatantly wrong if for no other reason that our constitution says nothing whatsoever about corporations having free speech or freedoms granted to We The People.

And, these radical judges — what party are they? They are all from the party of the corporations, not from the party of We The People. Yes, my dear readers, they are all Republicans.

Surprised? No, I guess not.

Why Do Republicans Still Win Elections?

Why Do Republicans Still Win Elections?
David Schlecht

As Captain Jack states, only 27% of Americans identify with the Republican Party. It’s hard to believe that 27% of America is blocking our government from accomplishing anything reasonable. But, check out the results in the 2008 Pew poll.

But this only shows a small part of the whole picture. A more recent poll done by Rupert Murdoc’s Wall Street Journal and NBC shows that the numbers fell to only 20% by 2009.

Check out the more recent poll.

How can this possibly be? How can our government be brought to a standstill by only 20% of the people?

I’ll tell you how. The multinational corporations are funding the Republican party and their marketing works. People will vote for a Republican candidate because they believe the lying and deceitful campaign promises that are all dressed up to look so real.

Also, the 20% who are still hanging on to the failed Republican principles are led by their negative emotions, mostly fear, anger, and hatred. When you’re controlled by these emotions, the Republican Party can be sure you’ll be out there voting against your own best interests. The Republican Party had become experts at playing the negative emotions and the poor people who can’t control their emotions are used like lab rats.

That is why the Republican Party always plays the race card. It brings out negative emotions in their core voters.

Will the Republicans gain more seats in Congress this election year? If history is any indication, yes, the Democrats, not led by their negative emotions will stay home and not vote while the Republicans will be out in force.

We need to talk to everyone we know and make sure all Americans get out there and vote. That’s the only way to stop this frightened, hateful minority from controlling our country.

Obama the Secret Muslim

Obama the Secret Muslim
Captain Jack

The recent Harris poll makes obvious some downright despicable trends. Trends we’ve all known in our hearts but now there is no denying the facts. The 27% of America that still considers themselves Republicans are batshit crazy. No, I’m not talking about a little nuts around the edges, but just fully in the court of the insane. Take a quick look at the poll.

If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.

There has been a bit of denial about this as one would expect. Even though every Republican I know personally fits this poll quite closely, they all say that it doesn’t represent the Republicans THEY know. I guess the Republicans I know don’t know each other.

OpenLeft has a great post on this issue. You might want to check it out.

Another thing that all my Republican friends agree on: they’re all mad as heck. Mad because the Democrats are forcing things through that America doesn’t want.

Just listen to that logic. America is finally waking up to the fact that the Republican policies that we’ve been following for the past 30 years are destroying America and resoundingly voted out the people responsible for the bad policies. Now the party voted out is all upset because they believe America really secretly wants to continue their failed policies and “hate” the fact that the filthy liberals are forcing through their Socialist agenda.

Anyone disparagingly calling America’s Liberals “Socialists” is obviously ignorant to the fact that America was founded on the ideas of helping one another, yes, a SOCIALIST agenda. Yes, these intelligent Republicans are sure that we need to get SOCIALISM out of our country even though the vast majority of America wants it. The vast majority of America voted the Liberals in and voted out the failed Republican policies. How much more obvious can it be before these Republicans begin to turn off the lies they’re being told instead of forwarding them with each disproven email they receive?

Knock knock, wake up Republicans. Don’t hate it when Democracy works like it’s supposed to. Your policies have failed and America is kicking your butts out. How can you not understand that?

Curb Republican Hate Speech NOW

Curb Republican Hate Speech NOW
David Schlecht

In retrospect, it is quite ironic how the Republican party during the awful Bush years was trying to quiet the critics by calling anything critical of Bush as being not just unpatriotic but being hate speech. Has anyone heard the Republican party lately and their pet project, the Tea Baggers?

There are so many examples from vulgarity to racism Republican congressmen calling Democratic congressmen “Baby Killer”. The list of absolutely awful and distasteful rhetoric seem to have no end. For just a short list of the most recent examples, check out the links below, if you really have the stomach for it.

There is no doubt that this violent and disgusting speech coming from the Republicans is doing harm to America not just in making it impossible to resolve our differences of opinions but because it brings outright violence.

Now, please don’t fool yourself into thinking that it’s just a few bad apples or that it’s not really the Republican party’s fault. It is the fault and the bad apples are killing people.

If it wasn’t the Republican Party’s intention to fan the flames of this hatred and racism, they would denounce it, but alas, they just support it more and more with each breath. The Republican part is not doing America any service by this, it is only for the benefit of the party.

If you are thinking of supporting this party in any way, think again. They are not helping anything that matters to the American people. They are only dividing us. They are responsible for the violence and the hate and the killings. What ever happened to the real Republican party? It is long gone.

Here is a sample of the awful and hateful things this party has given us just recently:

[poll id=”39″]

Let’s Go Back to Paper Ballots

Let’s Go Back to Paper Ballots
Captain Jack

Isn’t it time for America to evaluate our decision to move to electronic voting systems? I say it is way past time and we need to get to fixing this today.

The system we have today is a closed proprietary system which has no way to validate the results. Some states like Nevada have a paper trail that is printed as part of the voting process but there is no requirement to evaluate the paper trails and no way to ensure that the paper trail and electronic results match.

This begs an obvious question. What good, if any, are the paper verification systems on these electronic voting systems?

With a voting system that is not transparent to the voters the voters are beginning to feel they have lost confidence in the voting system. Without confidence in the system. people will eventually quit voting altogether. That is exactly what the Republicans want. The less people that participate in the voting process, the better their chances are of getting into office. Check out the Republican perspective on the value of votes.

Other nations have tried electronic voting systems and thrown them out. It’s time America did it as well.

Rory Reid Candidate for Nevada Governor

Rory Reid Candidate for Nevada Governor
David Schlecht

I went to a house party for Rory Reid to find out what his candidacy really meant. Of course, one never gets the “truth” at these neighborhood parties, but it’s very interesting to talk with other Nevadans and even more interesting how the candidate addresses the issues everyone is talking about.

Let me be straight up, here. Nevada has been run into the ground by an endless list of Republican governors. That is the reason Nevada is dead last at everything that matters and almost last at everything that matters even a little.

This isn’t a coincidence and Nevada is waking up to this fact. Republican governors have destroyed this state and our current disaster of a governor, Gibbons, has been one of the worst. So, let me be clear, I’d vote for almost anyone before trusting the Republican with anything in this state ever again. However —

Rory Reid is not what I expect and not progressive enough to fix the disasters the decades of Republican rule have brought Nevada.

Two things make Rory sound just like any other REPUBLICAN candidate. If he doesn’t fix both of these (and hopefully many more) he has no chance as a serious Democratic candidate. Rory’s Republican rants that need to change:

1. No New Taxes. What is this garbage? This is the Republican sound byte that has caused this current economic disaster. No new taxes means we won’t expect the corporations or the wealthy to pay their share of the taxes. So, here, at a time when Nevada is hemorrhaging in red ink, the Democratic candidate is using Republican talking points for what has failed Nevada for so long. If we don’t start expecting the corporations and billionaires to pay their fair share, Nevada will cease to function as a state and Rory has no plan to fix it.

Hey, Rory, Nevadans will vote for a real Republican long before they’ll vote for a Democrat running as a Republican. Stand up and be a Democrat and denounce the Republican failed policies. Don’t embrace them. Nevadans want to vote for a true Progressive, a true Liberal, and it’s time someone stepped up and filled those shoes.

2. Bring in more jobs, any jobs. There is no shortage of jobs in America. If Americans and Nevadans would work for wages comparable to slave labor, there would be endless corporations flooding to Nevada to take advantage of the slave labor. If we all worked for free there would be no unemployment. So, bringing in just any job to Nevada is not helping Nevada.

Hey, Rory, we need real jobs that pay real wages. We already have enough poverty level jobs. Stop encouraging the bottom feeding companies to come to Nevada to exploit our near slave labor wages. Double our minimum wage limit, outlaw H1B and H2B visas and any other such schemes for bringing in cheap labor to compete with our already rock bottom wages in Nevada.

So, Rory, the bottom line is, do you want to be just another Republican and hand the state off to another blood sucking Republican governor or do you want to run as a true Democrat and quit with the failed Republican talking points.

Nevada’s NEW Tea Party

Nevada’s NEW Tea Party
David Schlecht

In an interesting and most entertaining twist, the Nevada/Reno Tea Party is all up in arms because the real Tea Party has started a political party and has put forth a candidate. The pretend Tea Party, you know, the one run by the Republican Party, is all up in arms. Holy Cow!! How dare someone introduce a candidate that challenges a Republican!

The whole hysteria just makes so obvious the fact that the Republican Party has co-opted the Nevada Tea Party and now they’re angry that the Tea Baggers feel disenfranchised and want to run a party their own way.

One can only hope that the Nevada Tea Party has come to the realization that they were being played as fools by the Republican Party. Good on them, and shame on the Republican party for trying to take advantage of a group they thought too stupid to see what they’re doing to them.

What’s in a Name

What’s in a Name
David Schlecht

I often hear the corporate (corrupt) media referring to the Democratic party as the Democrat party. This is just another of so many examples the defective media. The Republican party has been trying to re-brand the Democratic party like they’ve managed to cast a shadow on the term “liberal”.

Survey after survey shows that people say they don’t associate with the “liberal” agenda, but, when asked what policies they do agree with, they always predominantly choose policies that are liberal. The liberal media has done a great job, don’t you think? Does anyone really believe the “liberal media” lie? But, I digress.

The Democratic party hasn’t changed, except where some Blue Dog Democrats run as Republicans in Democratic clothing. The liberal/Democratic agenda has not changed. BUT!!!! The Republican party has. The term Republican and Conservative used to mean something a whole lot different than it does today. The party of big deficits, big wars, big government…

So, what should be the new name for the new Republican party?

Personally, my favorite is:
G.O.P. :Gridlock, Obstruction & Paralysis

Many people and the “liberal media” refuses to put proper light on the fact that the party has been nothing but the party of “NO”. America has never seen such gridlock in our government in the entire history of the union. The Republicans in office don’t care what happens to America, just so they get re-elected and they get their bribes from big business.

What are your favorite names for the New Republican Party?

Tea Bagger Education #3

Tea Bagger Education #3
Captain Jack

There’s no shortage of amusing stupidity in the lies told to the poor naive tea baggers. From today’s mail box, the honorable (convicted felon criminal) former mayor Roger Hedgecock spews lie after lie after just plain stupidity. Check out how low this man goes in deceiving the poor scared tea baggers. Why do you still listen to those you know are lying to you? Wake up tea baggers. There are real problems we ALL need to be addressing and we can’t while you’re distracted with these silly foolish lies.

Here goes — watch out, be scared, wet your pants, Obama wants to steal your retirement.

The idea to confiscate your retirement money came (no surprise) from academia.

Do you get that? Mr. felon criminal Roger Hedgecock warns you about how Obama wants to confiscate your retirement. Does anyone really believe this filth? Well, obviously a few here and there will be inclined to follow this garbage. It’s sad, but some people don’t have the critical thinking skills required to know up from down. But this is just sad to be taking advantage of the poor Americans that don’t know any better than to believe this nonsense.

Just think about that for a moment. An American president wants to confiscate your retirement? Really? And what’s next? Is he having an affair with an alien from outer space? It’s sad, but yes, some poor people don’t know any better than to believe this stuff. Shame on conservatives like Hedgecock for taking advantage of the less fortunate. Shame on them for taking advantage of our friends and neighbors.

Some people don’t remember much past last week, but about 30 years ago employers used to provide pensions for retirement benefits to their employees. A pension is like an insurance program. The longer you live the more you take out. The shorter you live the less you take out. In the long run, the same amount is taken out as is put in and everyone gets paid until the day they die.

The conservatives have brainwashed us all into thinking 401Ks are the way to go. Think for a moment about your 401K. If you are lucky enough to live a long healthy life, you’ll run out of retirement money and end up homeless or on Social Security or Welfare. Nice! Thank you Republicans for the 401K.

If, on the other hand, you die early, then you don’t get to use all the money you saved up. Thank you again, Republicans, for the 401K.

In other words, you lose either way. Who ever thought up such an awful retirement plan and who sold this lie to us? But, that’s another story.

So, Theresa Ghilarducci (repeat after me, OBAMA’S name is OBAMA, not Theresa), suggests many possible changes to the handling of 401Ks. For anyone alive today and who still has a brain cell, our 401Ks are worthless! The current Republican Depression has wiped them out. Theresa’s recommendations would prevent this from happening again and again. Shame on her for trying to come up with solutions. Let’s all hope the Republicans in Congress continue to obstruct everything that can possibly help us.

Yes, my dear tea baggers, Obama is after your worthless 401Ks and he plans to spend them on dinner and a night out with his favorite alien from Mars.

Oh, and by the way, Hedgecock’s bribery case and lying under oath was mysteriously tossed out by an appellate judge on a technicality. Do you really want to take the word of this man?

We’re Winning the Race to the Bottom

We’re Winning the Race to the Bottom
David Schlecht

From the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Nevada’s budget outlook is so bleak that lawmakers doubt whether state government can remain afloat without drastic cuts to everything from prisons to schools to state parks and services for the poor and elderly.

Legislators met Tuesday with Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons to discuss how they will cope with a short-term deficit of about $900 million during an upcoming special session of the Legislature. Some Democratic lawmakers acknowledge options to bridge the gap probably won’t include tax increases.

Assemblyman John Oceguera, D-Las Vegas, said pay cuts and layoffs for state employees are probably inevitable.

“These are drastic, drastic cuts. I would be surprised if some folks didn’t lose their jobs,” Oceguera said.

Taylor said such a cut would hit lower-wage employees extremely hard, especially because some lower-paying jobs are held by single parents raising children. There had been talks that salary cuts would be made only to employees earning more than $40,000 a year.

Oceguera was uncertain whether it would be considered “a socialist type thing” to tailor pay cuts according to earnings.

A Chamber of Commerce study released earlier this month found state and local government employees in 2008 earned an average pay of $55,657 in 2008, sixth highest among states and $6,800 higher than the national average. For state employees alone, the average pay was $55,266.

Teacher pay in Nevada averaged $48,257 a year in 2008, below the $50,852 national average, according to the chamber study. University and community college faculty members in Nevada earn $69,282 on average, compared with the national average of $72,959.

The study also found that Nevada has the fewest number of public employees on a per capita basis in the country, at 43.7 per 1,000 residents.

But Gibbons, who sets the agenda for the session, has long said he would veto any tax increases.

“Our only real option,” Horsford said, “is to eliminate or reduce spending.”

This is absolutely shocking. Gibbons is leading us in a race to the bottom.

Nevada state and local government employees get paid more than the average. That means the local employees get paid more than the average and the state employees get paid considerably less than average. But, that’s not what the Chamber of Commerce says since they might have a little difficulty being objective in this matter. What on earth are they even involved for? They’re the enemy and part of what made our current mess.

This seems so terribly obvious to any casual observer to be a race to the bottom. Nevada has been groveling at the bottom of everything important for so long, we just don’t know what to do if we’re not dead last. We seem to be winning the race to be the first state to resemble Haiti. Let’s all compete to see how low we can pay our state employees. Soon we’ll all be greeted by illegal aliens at the state agencies because they’ll work for less than Americans will. Is that what we want in America?

They’re afraid to affect the rich more than the poor because they’re afraid it’ll sound Socialist? This has to be about the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a while. When was it considered Socialist to expect those who benefit the most from society to pay the most? Socialist? If this is Socialism, then America’s founding fathers were all Socialists. They expected everyone to pay their fair share. Shame on you for disparaging the names of our forefathers!

And, if you were paying attention, Nevada is paying our educators well below the average. Obviously we’re dead last in education. We only get back what we’re willing to invest. We should be having a race to see how much more money we can put back in the hands of the middle and lower class and we should be expecting the wealthy to start paying their fair share.

Gibbon, oh what a fine example of Republican principles. No new taxes. We wouldn’t want the billionaires to pay their fair share, now would we? No, let’s just take it out of the pockets of those who need it the most.

When will America start to realize that this Republican approach is destroying our country?

More Examples of Tea Bagger Education

More Examples of Tea Bagger Education
Captain Jack

More excitement from the tea bagger emails. No wonder these poor uninformed souls are so well, uninformed. Just look at what they get in the mail box. This is from the same “expert” promoted by the tea bagger education system from my last post.

As a serious student of history, I thought I would
never come to experience what the ordinary,
moral German must have felt in the mid-1930s In
those times, the “savior” was a former
smooth-talking rabble-rouser from the streets,
about whom the average German knew next to

Do not forget that Germany was the most educated,
the most cultured country in Europe . It was
full of music, art, museums, hospitals,
laboratories, and universities.. And yet,
in less than six years (a shorter time span than just two terms of the U.
S. presidency) it was rounding up its own
citizens, killing others, abrogating its laws,
turning children against parents, and neighbors
against neighbors.

This is some pretty amazing crap. Normally America would just ignore the people who are so detached from reality, but with Republican tax cuts destroying our education system, more people, aka, tea baggers, believe the misinformation.

Anyone who wasn’t drinking whiskey and snorting cocaine (hey, am I talking about Bush here?) in school knows that six years is an eternity for an American president who only gets 4 years unless he is doing something right and gets re-elected.

More importantly, though, is the crux of the fable. Hitler didn’t take over the country by himself. He had a cult following him that was unable and unwilling to question him. In other words, he had a typical Republican party behind him.

Obama, on the other hand, has the Democratic party (and most of America) behind him and we are watching him closely and are quick to object to corrupt or even questionable behavior. If you have spent any time at all reading what the Democrats have to say about Obama you would know this, but alas, I suppose your Republican education stream (Fox?) is failing you.

What allowed Hitler to reign was a group of followers who placed party above country and, if you’re a Republican, you recognize this trait. It’s what the lock-step Republican party is all about. You’re either with us or against us.

It breaks my heart to see my poor neighbors getting their information stream polluted with this kind of deception. Hey, tea baggers, wake up before it is too late. Your people are lying to you.

Who Owns our Government?

Who Owns our Government?
David Schlecht

In recent posts I’ve gone into some detail onto the problems with our existing financial system. As I’ve pointed out, we will never be able to avoid the bubbles and busts without stringent regulation. The lack of regulation directly led to the great depression of the 30s and is the direct cause of today’s financial problems.

Let’s look at today’s disaster. As posted, earlier, the crux of our current disaster is the derivative market. We have numerous home loans bundled up with other loans and sold like stocks. These bundles are then re-bundled and sold off again. By the time the final sale happens, a buyer may be getting bits and pieces of hundreds of mortgage loans, many in default.

The loans, themselves, aren’t the real problem. The real problem is the banks and investors have trillions of dollars tied up in billions of dollars worth of loans.

Think about that for a moment. The main problem isn’t the mortgages going into default, but those mixed and multiplied derivatives.

The cheap and easy way to fix the problem (for today, anyway) is to make the mortgages good by buying them out and negotiating with the owners for terms that the owners will accept. In fact, we could pay off all the bad mortgages for around 800 billion dollars. Our government could buy up the bad loans and negotiate with the borrowers and spend less than we have given to the banks, so far.

Making the foundation of the bubble good, the derivatives problem goes away. Once the bubble is re-inflated, we can reintroduce the regulations that the Republican Free Market Cult has destroyed and get back on track. This, of course, means getting rid of and possibly outlawing derivatives.

If this makes sense, then you’re probably wondering why our government, in all its wisdom, didn’t already think of this.

Well, they did! In fact, they were trying to buy up the mortgages and do just this but the Republicans and the banks were screaming so loud and putting so much money into lobbying Congress, that OUR GOVERNMENT couldn’t do what we needed them to do. Instead, we’ve put trillions of dollars into the banks, and nothing has been fixed.

The stock market is showing signs of rebound, but once one realizes that the root of the problem isn’t fixed, it becomes obvious that we’re spending trillions of dollars to bolster up the banks but the problem won’t go away. The current Free Market Depression will come back with a vengeance by this Fall. By then, we’ll have trillions less to spend where we really need it.

Now, ask yourself, why do the banks get money but the mortgagees are losing their homes? It’s because we are still allowing lobbyists to control our politicians. The only way to resolve this issue is to refuse to vote for any politician, no matter what party, if they accept business donations. Sorry, but that means no more Republican politicians and good bye to many of the Democrats as well, until they come clean.