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Is it Revolution Time Yet?

Is it Revolution Time Yet?
David Schlecht

No, I’m not talking about a violent revolution. But is it time for another American revolution?

The American colonists were in almost the same position we find ourselves in today. We have a foreign government controlling and taxing our people that is unresponsive to us. Why do I say foreign? Most of the corporations that control our government today are multi-national corporations. The original Tea Party was a revolt against unfair corporate control, mainly the Honorable East India Trading Company.

If not us, then who, if not now, then when? Well, look around the world and see what people revolt against their governments. Note that it is not the destitute and down-trodden. If we wait till it gets to that point, it will never happen. Revolution happens when the middle class loses faith in the government and it happens BEFORE they’re all poor.

The current tea-baggers have the right idea but they’ve been taken over by the very corporations that are the root of the problem. Today’s tea-baggers are only so very anxious and happy to force through legislation that hurts them and helps the corporations. Just look at tort reform as a very obvious example. This reform only helps the corporations and hurts the people they destroy.

Is it time for a peaceful revolution? It sure seem to look that way. Enough corporate welfare.

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