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Dean Heller Has No Brain

Dean Heller Has No Brain
Captain Jack

I wrote a letter to Nevada’s Dean Heller explaining the need to support Pelosi’s Health Care Legislation HR3962, oppose the Stupak amendment, and how important it is that safe abortions be part of America’s healthcare. To this, Heller responds.

To begin with, I want you to know that I share your concerns and deeply respect your advocacy on behalf of the unborn. You will be pleased to learn that I joined my colleagues in supporting the Sutpak-Pitts amendment.

Not only is the man a moron for voting for this woman killing legislation, but he obviously doesn’t even have a staff that can read. Or, then again, maybe that’s just his way of getting more votes.

Nevada! Wake up! The Republicans you’ve elected are destroying this country and dividing the people. Pretty soon, we’ll all be as smart as Heller.