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Don’t Attack ISIS

ISIS is goading us into another war.

They would like us dropping bombs in Iraq, killing more Muslims.

They would like us killing more Iraqis.

They would like us creating more enemies, more terrorists.

How has this shoot first approach worked for us so far? Are we seeing more terrorists or fewer? The obvious answer is more.

You don’t defeat hatred by bombing and killing people. You show yourself to be the better human, the better country, the better religion.

Hey, Obama, stay out of Iraq. Don’t bomb ISIS.

Do you disagree? Leave a comment and make your case.

The Epidemic of Conservative Violence

The Epidemic of Conservative Violence
Dave Speck

How much of the violence and terrorism in the US is attributed to Muslims and how much is Christians? You would probably be surprised to know that Muslim attacks only accounted for a small percentage of the attacks while the largest group of terrorists attacks on America came from Christians. Check out the FBI website for specifics.

The awful and senseless mass murder in Norway was followed just now by a fire bomb at a family planning center McKinney, Texas.

I’ve heard it over and over how it’s just the crazies and not every conservative. Well, I’m seriously doubting that anymore. I question if Conservatism isn’t really a sickness. It’s the closest thing you can be to suffering without the capacity of empathy without actually being clinically psychopathic.

How can anyone who cares about those around them agree with cutting or destroying Social Security and Medicare and other programs that are the difference between life and death for millions of Americans? Only someone without empathy could do this in order to save the billionaires from paying their fair share of taxes. It’s a sickness, plain and simple.

The line between being a voting psychopath and a clinical psychopath is so very thin.

I would like to see a serious study into this disease we call the Republican party and their Tea Baggers. It doesn’t just border on violence and hatred, it’s steeped in it.

The sad part is that many otherwise healthy people get suckered into voting for this party of sickies not knowing or refusing to believe just how bad it really is.